Classic Board Games of Strategy – Themed Chess Sets

The game of chess is one of patience, strategy and deep concentration. It’s a wonderful game to teach children of all ages so they learn how each player moves and how to manipulate players to over take their opponents ultimately leading to checkmate. It’s certainly not simple but once you learn the skills required it is a game that can be enjoyed for life. Classic chess can present itself in many ways with playing pieces and boards crafted out of different material and coming in a multitude of different forms. Rather than just a game, these sets of various unique materials and the themed chess sets will serve as works of art in any home.Some people decorate rooms with themes in mind. A cottage or summer home with a nautical theme would lend itself to a chess set where players are lighthouses. A young girl learning to play may select woodland fairies in bright cheery colors and a feminine touch to keep in her room. A popular decoration theme is Asian inspired furnishings and art. To sit among this setting a themed chess set based on the Tang dynasty, Samurai warriors, or bright rich colors with an oriental flare would work extremely well with the d├ęcor. Perhaps you want something that acts as a focal point to stand out rather than blend in. Other people may want to inject some humor into the game and have something truly unique. Consider the Egyptian theme set, the Alamo battle set or out in left field is the Skeleton slayer set. Sporting sets with golf themes can offer a masculine touch and may be the perfect gift for Dad.Just a few suggestions based on the vast selection offered with the unique and intricately crafted themed chess sets. The wonderful playing pieces are really beautiful pieces of art that can serve as examples of your special flare and style. Whether it is something of your own, or for gift giving when you want to make a personal statement, the themed chess sets take ordinary chess to an exclusive new level.